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We provide only British cell-grown trees, ensuring year-round planting. All of our trees come with their complete root systems to promote rapid establishment and healthy growth. With just a minimum order quantity of 10 trees, you can choose your required mix from our selection of species and sizes. Enjoy free delivery within mainland UK on all tree purchases, with no surprise charges at checkout.

Grown with Care

Saplingbox is a small company based in the Weald in East Sussex focused on producing quality trees for the UK. All our trees are from seed sourced from the UK and only native or naturalised trees are selected. Saplingbox is registered by the Forestry Commission for the supply of forestry trees, our trees are fully traceable to UK seed sources. All our trees conform to DEFRA standards for plant health and are supplied with their plant passport.

To grow healthy trees, we use a combination of harvested rainwater and nutrients. Our trees are grown in compost from renewable UK sources, peat free and recommended by the RHS.

We grow our trees in individual cell containers to encourage strong root systems. This makes our trees perfect for planting all year. Just before supplying to you, they are removed from the cells and packed to retain moisture. Our cell trays are re-used for next season’s trees, nothing is wasted.

For tips on planting methods and aftercare, see our guide Planting and aftercare.

Hand showing a cell grown rowan tree in a polytunnel

Looking after our environment

Global warming affects us all and we can all do our bit. Planting trees is a great start. Trees are able to help combat global warming by absorbing carbon dioxide and locking carbon in their cells. Trees provide habitat and a food source for wildlife, bind the soil thereby reducing flooding, provide shade below for delicate flora to thrive and a windbreak to reduce erosion of the soil.

We have a passion for the environment and therefore we only supply native and naturalised trees. Throughout the UK, weather conditions are varied so you may like to select trees and hedging for your region by provenance; this will ensure the best chance for tree growth and plant health.

All our packaging is either compostable or recyclable and kept to a minimum.

Oak tree at the edge of a woodland