Planting season

Cell Grown trees, sometimes referred to as plugs, can be planted almost all year round. This provides flexibility and convenience over traditional bare root planting.

Root system

The roots are contained and protected by growing media forming a plug, the young fibrous roots remain moist preventing drying out and damage. The whole root system together with its growing media is easily planted, avoiding damage to the root system.


Cell grown trees can be easily stored outside for short periods of time, only requiring a little water to keep the plug root system moist. Unlike bare root, cold storage is not required.

Handling and planting.

Cell grown trees can be easily planted as the root system gives a better chance of successful installation into the ground. Cell grown trees are ideal for inexperienced planters and volunteers to plant successfully.


Cell grown can cost a few pence more to buy than bare root, however the cost saved by significantly increased planting success far outweighs the initial extra initial cost.